Wotcha golf-ball

Soz, but we only allow under 18’s at certain times of the day & don’t forget your ID, that would be awks! Have a look but check before you book!

OK >



Its time for those spots and stripes. Escape to chill with mates over a game of American Pool at BUNKERS.

Larger than traditional English pool tables, our American pool tables offer incredible gameplay. Even better with a few drinks and snacks too…

Who’s it for?

Perfect for mates, dates, families, groups girls (or lads) night out and anyone looking for a good time.

Perfect For Groups / Parties?

Pool is perfect for 2-6 players. Whether you play one on one, tournament style or doubles, its game on. More than 6 players? We have multiple tables you can book!

Play It!

Rack up your balls in the triangle guide as per the in house signage, grab your cues, chalk them up and choose your teams.

Flip a coin to see who breaks, and the first ball potted becomes that players pattern. Continue until all the spots or all the stripes are potted. Then the player who has potted all their balls takes their shot at the black 8-ball. Careful, if the 8-ball is potted before all your other balls, its an instant loss…

Don’t hit or pot the other players pattern balls though! thats an extra shot penalty for the opposing player!