Wotcha golf-ball

Soz, but we only allow under 18’s at certain times of the day & don’t forget your ID, that would be awks! Have a look but check before you book!

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It’s not just crazy golf here at BUNKERS. Escape to either loco or zoro for dream-like crazy golf courses. Escape into BUNKERS and forget the world outside.


Join fellow dreamers on our loco course where you’ll find a course packed with holes straight from the 70’s and the ever-famous Studio 54.

Or while your time away in front of the silver screen, and get glitchy with fellow TV worshippers. Who said there’s nothing on TV, you are!

How about travelling over to the Nevada desert, visiting BUNKERS own neon junkyard! Spend a little time watching the never fading sunset and the neon flicker, what could be better?

Finally, plaster on your biggest smile, and prepare to be mesmerized by the occupants in smile town. It’s guaranteed to put a grin on your face.


Zoro will have the wildest of dreamers in its trance. Kick off games like royalty, with holes straight from the queen of hearts court. Take a gamble on that hole-in-one shot!

But be warned gamers, be careful not to fall into the blackhole! It can get a little trippy in there…

If you make it through the darkeness, join the space travellers, with impressive nebulas and chromatic outfits that’ll blow your mind!

Finish your game with a real snack. Play through aisles of food, drinks and more. Sweep the supermarket for that winning score.

Who’s it for?

Perfect for mates, dates, families, groups girls (or lads) night out and anyone looking for a good time. These courses are suitable for putters of all abilities.

Perfect For Groups / Parties?

Yes! Crazy Golf is better in groups! Escape into the districts with fellow players. We allow up to 6 people per booking slot. Got a bigger group? Grab another time slot and tee off together!

More than 10 players? Checkout out our group packages for even better deals!

Play It!

Grab a ball and a club and get to putting across the districts!

Take turns hitting your ball towards the hole, aiming to avoid the obstacles and, of course, always aiming for that coveted hole-in-one.

The player furthest from the hole goes next. Keep playing until all players have holed their ball.

Record how many shots it takes to sink the ball on each hole on the scorecard provided. Remember, the aim of the game is to get the lowest score possible!

Tally up your scores at the end. Lowest score wins!