Wotcha golf-ball

Soz, but we only allow under 18’s at certain times of the day & don’t forget your ID, that would be awks! Have a look but check before you book!

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The ultimate table game…Shuffleboard is a must! Escape to win with this classic bar game at BUNKERS.

Get ready to holler and hoot during your game of shuffleboard! It can get very competitive on the board!

Choose your teams, and more importantly choose your tactic, offensive, defensive, sneaky shooters (we love a bump fest here at BUNKERS). Then start shuffling your pucks down the table. Make sure they don’t fall off the other end though! Nil points is not the score we’re looking for!

Who’s it for?

Perfect for mates, dates, families, groups girls (or lads) night out and anyone looking for a good time.

Perfect For Groups / Parties?

Shuffleboard is perfect for 2-6 players. More than 6 players? We have multiple tables you can book!

Play It!

Choose your teams, tactics and your colour.

Starting from the same end, take turns in sliding pucks down the shuffleboard table into the scoring end at the opposite end. Try and land your pucks in the scoring zone, as close to the end of the table as possible.

Take alternate shots untill all pucks have been played. Play smart, if you knock some of the opponents pucks off the board, they lose those potential points.

Follow the scoring guide in venue and add the scores to the running total.