Wotcha golf-ball

Soz, but we only allow under 18’s at certain times of the day & don’t forget your ID, that would be awks! Have a look but check before you book!

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Sweatbands at the ready, Ping Pong (the best name for table tennis) has come to BUNKERS. Serve, smash and slice your way to victory and make the losers pay for drinks!

Whether your serve is as smooth as Forrest Gump’s or your more of a Lieutenant Dan, this game is perfect for any player.

Who’s it for?

Perfect for mates, dates, families, groups girls (or lads) night out and anyone looking for a good time.

Perfect For Groups / Parties?

Ping Pong is perfect for 2-6 players. Whether you play one on one, tournament style or doubles, its game on. More than 6 players? We have multiple tables you can book!

Play It!

The aim of the game is simple…Hit the ball over the net onto your opponent’s side. The ball should bounce once on the opponent’s side of the table. A point is won if your opponent is unable to return the ball or if the table is missed.

Mix it up with other game modes such as Around the Table or King of the Hill!